Thursday, September 08, 2011

A New Chapter

Since I last posted, we moved from Illinois to Virginia, which was a 2.5 month process. As I write, most of the boxes are empty, but there is stuff everywhere (we have no basement here!) My craft room is a complete mess (even MORE so than usual). The day that we got internet hooked up in the new house, I found out that The Angel Company was hanging up its wings. I was sad. I've been an Angel for almost 7 years!

Being a natural optimist, I decided to look on the bright side... there are so many great stamp companies out there that I am now no longer limited (yeah, I know I could use others, and I did, but I always tried to spend my stamping money with TAC). One of the designers for TAC, Mabelle R.O., has an etsy shop where you can purchase some of her other cute images. She just announced that she'll be selling rubber stamps, as well!

Yesterday, I got some fall-themed Yankee Candle coupons in the mail and knew I needed to send them to a friend back in IL. I knew that Mabelle's cute pumpkin stamp would be perfect, and in a matter of minutes I threw together this, my first card in many many weeks. It felt good to be creating again. The sentiment is the second verse of "Great is Thy Faithfulness" and I added it in with Word (one of the things I like about digital images.) I colored it with my Copics and added some ribbon from my ridiculously large stash.

As they say here in the south, "Happy Fall, Y'all!"


Seleise said...

love the card! Good luck finishing settling in.

Anonymous said...

Being a navy wife, you are an experienced mover. Would you consider writing a book about how and when to pack?

Lee Britt:

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