Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mother of the Year Award

So, the very nice UPS man brought me a box today from TAC. Of course I was anxious to open it and mount my stamps so I could use them tonight. Joanna was sleeping and Abby was playing, so I sat down at the table and started cutting. Abby decided it looked interesting, so she pulled up the chair next to me and started playing with my rubber scraps. I wasn't really paying THAT much attention, since she was right next to me and I didn't want to make a wrong cut! So, once the first set was cut, I looked up... and this is why she was being so quiet! She also had a piece on her nose, too... but took it off while I ran for the camera.

Her stamping is coming along quite nicely... the other day I was inking up a sponge and 'antiquing' the edge of a card (those of you who know me know that I use this technique on everything!!!). She whined until I gave her her own sponge, at which point she started sponging her scrap paper. It was too cute. Thank goodness for washable ink because she had it all over herself... "Black ink mommy wash all clean!"

And I think she knows what Michael's is now. The other day while my folks were here visiting I stopped to make a quick trip in. Joanna was sleeping, so I was going to leave everyone in the car. Before I could shut my door Abby was saying "Abby come too please!" So of course I had to take her with me. She managed to wrangle 2 more stamps from the dollar bin. I'm such a sucker!

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