Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Eric Carle ATCs

These are all of the ATCs that were made for the Eric Carle Swap I hosted. I think they are fabulous... nice job, ladies!!! (I made the purple dragonfly with a verse from The Very Quiet Cricket.)

And here's a somewhat related but nevertheless humorous story...

I made a binder for Abby to keep some ATCs in. I'll cut her some cardstock pieces and she'll color them, then tell me which ribbons she wants to decorate them with, etc. So, she's got a couple of ATC page protectors with about a dozen ATCs that either she's made or I gave to her. Last night, she brought the binder to Stephen and said "Read A T C Book" and he was kind of stunned, because he didn't know that SHE knew what they were called. Later, I said to her "Abby, what is this?" (holding up an ATC) and she comes back with "Trading Card"!!!!!!!!!!! You KNOW you're addicted when the two year old picks up on it!

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Stampcrazymom said...

Lots of work went into this, and it shows! A great combination of talents. It's really cute!