Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It only took 3 years!!!

I started to cross-stitch this stole 3 years ago, when my brother-in-law was in his first year of seminary. I was so proud of myself for getting such an early start on his ordination gift! (It's not my favorite design or color, but I could only find ONE source for stole x-stitch charts so I had to take what I could get!) Last summer, before Joanna was born, I finished the cross-stitch part. I procrastinated on the sewing-assembly part because I just knew it was going to be a headache.

Well, last night I got tired of having it hanging over my head. At 8:30 I dug out the sewing machine and started. Around midnite, it actually started to LOOK like a stole! I still have to hem the bottoms (that's why they aren't the same length) and embroider a little message on the inside... but the worst is over. Thank goodness!

I know it's not papercrafting, but cross-stich IS my first love, so I had to share.

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