Saturday, May 06, 2006

I Can't Go On Like This!!!

So, hubby made a comment a few days back about how nice it would be to have the hammock set up in our back room again (when we first moved in, didn't have the 2nd child, and I had no clue what The Angel Company was... we actually had the space to set up a hammock in the 3rd 'bedroom'... since there's no closet in the room, and has windows on 3 sides, it's obvious to me that it was originally meant as a SUN ROOM! And with those windows open, on the third floor, it IS a nice place for a hammock. The problem is that I had slowly taken over the space as my own, and filled it with lots of craft stuff!)

Figuring it was the least I could do for the guy who so seldom wants anything at all... I started cleaning out. No small task. Not fun. After awhile I got really sick of it and just started shoving stuff in boxes! So now I have 8 boxes that I have to empty before we move... and my craft space just got cut in half! Hello, ebay! Must list more stuff tomorrow, I think! If only I had the self-control to NOT buy more stuff! Then I could use up what I have and make room to breathe.

Wish me luck in my sorting/cleaning endeavors. It's not pleasant!

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