Thursday, March 09, 2006

Much ado about Swapping!!!

So, if you're a cardmaker, then chances are you have seen "The Joy of Cardmaking". If you haven't bought it, then you have at least flipped through it in the store. (BUY IT!!!!) It was done by a woman named Wendy Johnson, who is a guru with Papercrafts Magazine. This is the website that I've recently become addicted to, and last night I heard that Wendy was going to be hosting a swap. So me and every other woman on the board waited... and waited... and waited... for it to be posted. (I MISSED American Idol!!!) Several attempts and two and a half hours later, Wendy still couldn't get her swap to post. She said she'd try again tonight.

As badly as I wanted in, I decided it was foolish to stay on the computer for hours again. But at 7:30 I logged on to check e-mail, so of course I had to check to see if her swap had been posted yet. Nope! She announced it would be somewhere around 8pm. So... you guessed it... I waited...

AND I GOT IN!!!!!! I got the third spot out of 15 players. We have to make a love/wedding/anniversary/engagement card using recipe #6 in her second bookazine (I just made that word up) called "Joy of Cardmaking, a Second Helping."

The problem is that I don't own this one yet! It's my birthday present from Anita, so I told her awhile ago not to give it to me until my birthday. Well, she's bringing it over tomorrow. The swap is due 3/26 so I'm really excited about it.

The Mystery Swap I'm working on is almost finished. But I still have to make 8 Bee Cards, 10 Christmas Cards, 8 Ship cards, 6 general cards, and 6 red/white/black cards in the next several weeks.

I think I need to declare a moratorium on New Swaps for now!!!!!

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