Friday, March 31, 2006

Surprised by the UPS Man!!!

So this afternoon the doorbell rings and it's the UPS man. I immediately am stumped, because I knew it was too early for my TAC order to be arriving, and besides, it was a patterned envelope, not a box. Expressing my surprise, he says "It's from Papercrafts Magazine."

Now I'm really confused, so as soon as I sign for it and shut the door, I tear into the envelope.

I find 6 beautiful cards for one of the swaps I'm hosting.

Made by Stacy Croninger, THE EDITOR OF PAPERCRAFTS!!!

That's right! She joined my swap. And she's been on my list all along, except I never realized that "Stacy Croninger" was THE "Stacy C" who writes the Letter from the Editor every month!

Needless to say, I was shocked. And very excited. My parents, who are visiting, couldn't understand. Stephen feigned interest when I told him about it. So I'm sharing my excitement with you, reader of my blog, because I know you'll understand!!!

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